Bedroom Design Trend Predictions for 2019

Ready to be blown away by some of the biggest bedroom style trend predictions for the new year?

Continue reading below to see how you can stay on trend with the most stylish linen products during 2019 with Your Bed Linen Direct.

Glam Bedrooms

Check Out The Range & Prices Of This Beautiful Luxury Silk Bedding Set –

Live like royalty and never have another restless night in the most luxurious silk bedding set.

Made with the softest blend of silk and cotton, these breathable sheets & duvet cover sets can be slept in comfortably all year around.

Contemporary Bedrooms

Check Out The Range & Prices Of This Stylish Cotton Blend Patterned Bedding Set –

Contemporary styles such as geometric patterns and stripes never go out of date, so sleep in the most comfortable cotton blended bedding set.

500TC sheets that are soft and breathable, so you won’t be tossing and turning all night.

Warehouse Styled Bedrooms

Luxury Quilted Duvet Cover Set
Check Out The Range & Prices Of This Striking Luxury Quilted Duvet Cover Set-

Such dark & cosy interiors inspired by the warehouse vibe can look great with a contrasting, soft quilt in a solid color.

The Luxury Quilted Duvet Cover Set available in a range of colors is a super easy way to add a touch of class and sophistication to an industrial setting.

Minimalistic Bedrooms

Reversible Color Bedding Set
Check Out The Range & Prices Of The Reversible Color Bedding Set –

Not too fussed on excessive embellishments and over the top decorations?

Your bed linen doesn’t need all the bells and whistles either, so spend your nights in a colored reversible bedding set.

With a multi-coloured reversible bedding set, you can change up the look & feel of your room with the one flip of your bedsheets.

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