The Major Beauty Benefits of Sleeping in Silk Bed Sheets

It may come as a surprise, but a set of silk bed sheets can actually do more than give your room a super luxurious 5 star hotel vibe. Switching your go-to cotton bed sheet set for a set of silk sheets has will come with some major beauty benefits for your hair and skin, feel the difference for yourself and start getting some true “beauty sleep”.

Hair Benefits from Sleeping In Silk Bed Sheets

You might not know it, but too much tossing and turning throughout the night could be doing damage to your hair follicles, resulting in frizzier, duller, less shiny hair. Even if your current pillow case feels soft to the touch, sleeping on a silk pillowcase is known to reduce the frizziness of hair.

As cotton is a material known for absorbing moisture, it will grab all the moisture it can from your head at night. Hairstyles that lack moisture will appear dull, lifeless and more prone to static. Whereas, silk is a softer material that allows your hair to slide around smoothly when resting your head at night, so you will experience less hair breakage and say goodbye to bed head in the morning!

Skin Benefits from Sleeping In Silk Bed Sheets

Not only do silk pillowcases get rid of that dreaded bed head look in the morning, but your complexion can hugely benefit from silk as well! Depending on the dyes or materials used in your fabric bedding sets, your regular cotton or synthetic pillowcases may be to blame for any irritated areas on your skin.

Silk is much gentler on your skin than other fabrics you regularly sleep in, as it is a completely natural material and is also hypoallergenic. Especially if you have sensitive skin, switching to a silk pillow case will help your skin and hair stay hydrated, as no moisture will be drawn from your skin like it does with cotton fabrics. 

Silk pillowcases also breathe much easier than other pillowcases, so your pillow will stay cool at night. 

Want to extend the benefits of silk to your whole body? Silk bedding sets have excellent breathable properties, meaning they are comfortable to sleep in at any time of year.

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